Grant Writing Proposals

The ECS team offers in-house grant writing that is custom-tailored to your nonprofit’s needs.

Professional Team, Professional Results

Our team of grant writers will work with your nonprofit to develop a grant proposal that will assist you in competing for foundation funding. Your nonprofit will benefit from our many years of experience and funding success.  

Based upon the needs of your organization and your project/program, you will be matched with an expert ECS team member. Your organization will identify an individual (contact person) that will work closely with our team member.

Your contact person will provide the needed information for them to write the grant proposal. Your ECS team member will also work with our expert evaluator to develop the evaluation section of your grant proposal (is a critical component of your grant). Finally, your grant proposal will be reviewed by ECS team members. The grant proposal will then be submitted to your organization (your organization will submit the grant proposal to an identified funding source).

In addition to a well-developed grant proposal, ECS will conduct a funding search for your project/program. ECS will match your project/program with an appropriate funding source. Your organization will receive a list of five-10 potential funders at no extra cost. 

The fee for our services are based on the complexity of the grant project/program. However, our fees are very reasonable (you will be pleasantly surprised) considering our expertise and experience. ECS does not work for a percentage of a grant award (we do not consider this an ethical practice). After discussing your project/program, we will determine a reasonable fee for the work required to complete the grant proposal. 


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