Grant Writing Classes


Over the past 31 years, Dr. Sliger has trained thousands of individuals in the nonprofit, education, business, and civic sectors. He personally conducts all grant writing classes, ensuring the highest level of training.

The webinar class will take place over a two-day period with a total of approximately nine-10 hours of training (the class will conclude when you are comfortable with your knowledge of the grant writing process). The class is comprehensive, covering all of the A-Z’s of grant writing. You will be the only student. This personalized experience will assist you in becoming a very effective grant writer.

The cost of the class and all training materials is $350

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To participate in the live one-on-one webinar, you will need a computer with an internet connection, speaker, microphone, or telephone. After you register for the webinar an email will be sent with detailed instructions. Your training materials will also be sent to you before the scheduled grant seminar date. During the webinar, you will be able to hear Dr. Sliger, ask questions, and see Dr. Sliger’s presentation on your computer screen. It is almost like being there in person. You will receive a grant writing certificate upon your completion of the class.

The cost of the class and all training materials is $350. Dr. Sliger only works with a few individual participants each week (he tries to accommodate individual schedules whenever possible).

This live online class provides a comprehensive (A-Z) grant training for a single participant. This training will teach them how to write winning grant proposals and where to look for funding.

Topics include:

  • Developing fundable ideas
  • Grant terminology
  • Important first steps
  • The 12 components of winning grant proposals
  • Program/project evaluation
  • Program/project budget development
  • Conducting a funding search (foundations, corporations, federal agencies, and state grants)
  • Making contact with funding sources
  • Grant management
  • How funding sources evaluate grant proposals
  • Resources (internet, software, etc.) used by  professionals to acquire grants
  • Grant writing tips and success strategies

Writing a strong and competitive grant proposal is critical to the success of your grant writing efforts. This class will provide instruction on the 12 components of a winning grant proposal (cover letter, abstract, background, needs statement, project description, etc.). Each component will be discussed in detail.

Many grant proposals lose points or are not funded because of deficiencies in the evaluation component of the grant. This webinar will provide an understanding of program/project evaluation for writing winning grant proposals. Two different types of evaluation (funders want to see both in a grant proposal) will be discussed. A model for program/project evaluation will be presented.

Your grant proposal must include a well-prepared budget. Funders usually have more questions about budgets (how the money will be spent) than any other grant component. This class will provide instruction on how to prepare program/project budgets, appropriate budget formats and budget terminology.

Knowing how and to whom to submit your grant proposal is crucial to your success as a grant writer. This webinar provides participants with the knowledge and skills to conduct a funding search like the “pros”. Both print and online resources will be discussed.

This class will provide numerous valuable tips to help ensure that grant proposals are as successful as possible. With his 31 years of grant writing experience, Dr. Sliger knows what funders look for in a grant proposal (he will let you in on his secrets).  In addition to dozens of tips and suggestions, you will learn how to “kick your chances up a notch”.

Grant writers are one of the most in-demand consulting professionals today. Most grant writers work as either independent contractors, full-time or part-time development officers, or freelancers. Because of the increasing demand to find sources of funding, nonprofit agencies are always seeking help to identify these sources and to pursue grant writing projects. Almost every one of the thousands of nonprofits in the United States needs the services of a grant writer. There is no better time to start your own grant writing business. This class will include the following topics: how to establish your own business, advertising, obtaining clients, lessons learned, part-time/full-time income potential, etc.

Dr. Sliger is an outstanding teacher and a successful grant writer. As a workshop participant, you can be confident that you are learning from one of the best. Many participants have told Dr. Sliger that his classes are the best and the most cost-effective available.