Grant Writing Proposals

The ECS team writes award-winning grants and offers in-house services suited to your organization’s needs.

ECS Professional Grant Writing Team

In the competitive world of funding applications, you must persuade funders that your idea is deserving of their assistance. Our ultimate objective is to make your application the most trustworthy, academic, comprehensive, and factual of all those that have been submitted.

We focus on writing for non-profit organizations. Your organization will get the grant proposal and will submit a grant request to a funding source that has been selected.

With over 31 years of expertise, we have a thorough understanding of how foundations and government organizations give financial aid. We stress the importance of your project/program to the community and how it will impact you and the individuals it will directly benefit.

ECS Offerings

Our ECS team understands the importance of securing funding for your organization. We also know how tough and time-consuming writing a grant can be, which is why we provide comprehensive grant writing assistance.

The following are some of the things that ECS may assist you with:

  • A compelling and well-written proposal
  • Proposal editing and review
  • Verifying requirements and ensuring compliance
  • Assessing the final proposal before it is submitted

Funding Search

ECS Grants will perform a funding search for your project/program in addition to a well-written grant submission. At no additional charge, your organization will receive a list of 5 to 10 possible funders.

No Percentage of Grant Award

The fee for our services is determined by the level of difficulty of the project or program.We’ll set an appropriate fee for the work required to complete the grant proposal after we’ve discussed your project with you.

We will not work for a percentage of the grant award as we believe this is not an ethical or fair practice. Instead, we’ll give you a reasonable quote for our services, considering the project scope and our expertise and years in the industry.


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